CocoNut Superfood Smoothie Bowl [Dairy free, Grain free, Gluten free]

Need a quick boost? Well, here it is! Smoothie bowls are an incredible invention and this combination is not only beautiful to look at but delicious, nutritious and very easy to do! Get out your blenders, throw in some ingredients, and let yor imagination flow! 

Recipe for CocoNut Superfood Smoothie

Yield: 300ml, 1 serving

Total time: 5 minutes 

What you need

2-3 pitted dates (if you want some sweetness)

2 tblspns sunflower seeds 

3 strawberries 

1 tspn coconut oil 

1 tblspn Superfoods Green Shake 

1 tblspn Superfoods Super Smoothie Mix  

 2 tblspns coconut cream

3/4 cup cold water

For the topping – these are entirely up to you!

Desiccated coconut

Almond flakes

Chia seeds


What you need to do

1. Throw everything (apart from the toppings!) into a blender and blitz away! 

2. Pour smoothie mixture into a bowl, and then top with whatever you choose (I like to use toppings that reflect what’s in the smoothie to some extent). Like I said earlier, let your creativity flow and enjoy! 

CocoNut Dairy free Smoothie Bowl

So simple, so easy and so very beautiful! 

Happy blending 😉 

Please note: You are welcome to use and share my recipes, however, please link back to the original post on my blog whenever doing so! Thank you! 


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