Back To School Made Easier With These  10 Lunchbox Ideas

Get the kids eating healthier with these yummy lunchbox ideas – keep them fun, keep them delicious, and best of all, see the empty boxes come back home!

I’ve had this post in my ‘draft’ section for almost 3 months now, but with schools opening this week, I thought it best to finish it up and get it out there! I know I sure could use some help with ideas sometimes so hoping this helps when you feel stuck for what to pack for your kid/kids.

You’ll find most of the recipes on my blog (I will link to the relevant recipes) but do feel free to adapt, add to, swap out the things you know your child won’t eat or doesn’t really care for. Of course, the age of your child and also the length of their school day will also influence how much and what you pack. These lunches are what I usually pack for my 7 year old, who has a good breakfast before school, and finishes at 2pm, which is when she gets back to a home cooked lunch. The thought behind this post is that it’ll give you a base from which to build your lunchboxes 😉

Some tips to getting the most out of these healthy kiddies lunchbox ideas

  1. I do use crackerbread and regular bread so you can easily leave that out and use your own low-carb/gluten free/grain free options (such as my almond and flax bread or these amazing keto buns).
  2. With regards to keeping the food (especially the meat/cheese) cold in the summer, I use a small cooler bag, with an ice pack or two, and it keeps it all nice and fresh for the day.
  3. For sliced apples, the trick is to soak them in some cold water with a few drops of lemon juice for about 5 minutes, then drain the water and pack them in your lunchbox. This helps prevent the slices from browning.
  4. When using wooden skewers, I tend to cut off the sharp pointed end to prevent any playground mishaps.
  5. You’ll find less food on some days and more on others – this accounts for extra-curricular days.
  6. You’ll find an easy to download PDF with 2 weeks worth of ideas, and the pics of each follow below in the post.
  7. Don’t forget the water 😉

My 10 ‘Clean-ish Eating’ Kids Lunch Box Ideas

You can click here for 10 Lunchbox Ideas (PDF) formatted into a flow chart for 2 weeks worth of lunchbox ideas! Easy to download and print off to be stuck on your fridge for ease of reference. 


10 Lunchbox Ideas 10 Lunchbox Ideas - New Page


LUNCHBOX 1: Ham and lettuce sandwich triangles, cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, biltong/dry wors. Add a banana and ChocoNutty snack bar to the cooler bag.


Lunchbox 1

LUNCHBOX 2: Ham, cheese, and olive skewers; carrot sticks, soya & linseed bread, mixed nuts, strawberries, and a banana.

Lunchbox 2

LUNCHBOX 3: Pork with hidden veg meatballs, carrot and cucumber sticks, mixed baby tomatoes, sugar snap peas, rice crackers, strawberries, pack of berry chews, and a banana.

Lunchbox 3

LUNCHBOX 4Chicken and apple meatballs, carrot and celery sticks, home made Paleo mayo dip, unblanched almond flour cookie, mixed nuts, and cherry tomatoes.

Lunchbox 4

LUNCHBOX 5: Hummus and lettuce sandwich squares, carrot and cucumber sticks, banana, rice crackers, pretzels, and strawberries.

Lunchbox 5

LUNCHBOX 6: Hummus, cucumber and carrot sticks, provitas, banana nut butter muffin, biltong, strawberries, and a banana.

Lunchbox 6

LUNCHBOX 7: Rye crackerbreads, ham, grapes, biltong, pretzel mix, banana nut butter muffin, and a banana.

Lunchbox 7

LUNCHBOX 8: Rye crackerbreads, 2 slices of seeds and dates banana loaf, cheese slices, 2 mini chicken fillets, 2 rashers bacon, mini cucumber, biltong, strawberries, and a banana.

Lunchbox 8

LUNCHBOX 9: Provitas, seeds and dates banana loaf, cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, mini cucumbers, pretzel mix, strawberries, and a banana.

Lunchbox 9

LUNCHBOX 10: Provitas with cheese, homemade beef burger patty, cherry tomatoes, mini cucumbers, homemade Paleo ginger cookie, sesame pretzels, strawberries, and chopped green apple.

Lunchbox 10

That’s all for now. Hope it helps you with some ideas and that your kids love them too.

I will be creating more lunchbox ideas as we move into the term so stay tuned 😉

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Please note: if you’d like to use and share my recipes or content, go ahead! Please just link back to the original post when you do so though. Photographs cannot be used without my permission. Thanks!



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