My 5 Top Tips for REBOOT Results 

How I went about getting started on Sleek Geek’s 30 Day REBOOT

It’s always daunting when you first make that decision that it’s time to change something because quite frankly, you’re fed up with where it’s all at. Maybe you feel frumpy, overweight, lacking energy, have health issues, or are just plain down and not sure where to go from here. You happen to come across Sleek Geek or hear about REBOOT through the grapevine and land up on the REBOOT Facebook Support page. You see all the amazing transformations and think, Gosh darnit! I want me a piece of that too! BUT HOW? WHERE?

Sleek Geek REBOOT

The team over at Sleek Geek HQ have created all the content necessary for you to get on your way but sometimes we just get lost in a minefield of information and when you’re already overwhelmed, this could stop you from going any further. However, I am going to say something straight up – the info is all THERE. It is easily accessed, it is simple to understand, and if you really want to – YOU WILL FIND YOUR WAY. There, I said it. If you want something badly enough, you will go after it, and nothing will stop you. This is one place where excuses won’t win any prizes but in a bid to try get you off to a great start, here are –




Go to Sleek Geek REBOOT Information  and get reading. This is your definitive guide to all that you need to know, straight from the horse’s mouth. There will be a REBOOT Success Guide published that the Sleek Geek team is currently working on so that will be a HUGE help in getting all your information in one easy place. For now though, have a look through the REBOOT page and a few other links that take you to further information to explain things better – one such being to a page of REBOOT Tools and Resources. There is no getting around this – you have to put in the time to get yourself in the game.


I cannot stress enough just how helpful prep is! For me, it’s been the difference between success and failure. By setting aside some time on the weekend to get organised, you will ensure a hassle-free week. Have you started making the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse yet? Here’s a shocker – we each get 24 hours. Every single one of us. And what we do with those hours is entirely up to us… so CHOOSE WISELY. I am a busy mum of two, I work, I tutor part-time, I have recently started freelance writing, I run this blog, and I do NOT have any household help or a nanny. I work from home for the most part and have my 2 year old with me. So I am constantly multi-tasking – and if I don’t put in the working hours, I don’t get paid! So the onus is on me to get my work done, keep the house in order, and be a full time mum, amidst the rest of it. Have you had that time when you needed to help with homework, have dinner on the go, entertain the younger one so the older one can have a moment, AND need to get back to a client asap with what they needed, as well as an article deadline looming? Yeah, it’s all real and all of it requires time. Which we have. Every day. You can make lists to keep you on track, you can schedule the time for prepping into your diary, and then make it a normal part of your routine. You never really know what you’re capable of until you jump in and do something … so DO IT! You decide how much time you need and have to set aside, and make it work for you. Use my tips on How to Meal Prep if you need a bit of guidance.


There is absolutely no need to think that you have to be some sort of Michelin starred culinary superstar to eat well. Nor do you have to be wealthy. Health does not go hand in hand with wealth. It really does not. Health goes hand in hand with knowing better. That’s my opinion anyway. Buy meat and produce that suits your budget, buy in bulk whenever you can, make the freezer your friend, and keep your meals simple. Forget the flours, seeds, and ‘superfoods’. Tinned tuna, eggs, canned fish, frozen veggies … you can make this work. Can’t afford almond milk? SO WHAT? You don’t need almond milk in order to survive. Sure, it’s a nice to have… but you know, there are lots of things that I’d love to have too but the finances don’t allow for them. I’m still living – and as far as I’m concerned, I’m pretty happy with my lot! It could be better, it could be worse, but I am so grateful for it all that I just keep working and keep pushing to live better each day. Why not check out some of my budget friendly family recipes to give you some ideas.


This part’s pretty self-explanatory. This is not a quick fix. No miracle mixes or pills, shakes or drops. This is good ol’ fashioned eating real food and moving your body more. We are bombarded by messages from the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry each day with the latest product, or new improved pill, etc etc etc. Sure, some of them boast results that people clearly want or else it would all be dead in the water. But this is all superficial. These products don’t deal with what’s within, with your relationship with food, with your addiction to sugar… and when you stop taking them, what happens..? I think you know because you’ve probably been there. I know I have! This to me is the joy of REBOOT. It’s a nutrition challenge – and a challenge it certainly is! Your limits gets tested (hellooooo carb flu …!) and once you push through that first hurdle of actually taking the plunge to get started on your 30 days, you’re faced with none other than yourself. Do you really NEED milk and sugar in your coffee or is that a habit? How about that daily glass of wine (or two) to wind down at the end of day – how reliant have you actually become on that? Sweet, sugary, milky tea and biscuits and cake and sandwiches… Surely we HAVE to eat these things right? Feeling tired, emotional, sad, angry, fed up starts translating as oh yeah, I must be hungry…

REBOOT is literally that … a Ctrl + Alt + Delete for your body, mind, and spirit. But you gotta put in the work. You need to push those buttons. No-one can hand it to you in a nicely packaged jar. That a bitter pill for you to swallow? Sorry, but it’s just the truth. You will get out of this 30 day challenge what you put in to it.

5. ‘WHEN YOU KNOW BETTER, DO BETTER’ – Maya Angelou (yes, she’s one of my favourites and I had to quote her twice!)

So you’ve read through all the information, you’ve joined the Support group on facebook, and you’re on your way to get your shopping and prepping done. That is a success in itself and you should be proud of yourself for taking the first step back to YOU. One thing that has helped me greatly is being involved in the community – putting myself out there and sharing (maybe OVERsharing but that’s ok too!). I became accountable and it kept me on track. There is an abundance of support within the Sleek Geek community – USE IT and you’ll be well on your way. Now that you’ve got the information, you’ve empowered yourself to make those better choices – perhaps not just for you, but for your family too. People may start off thinking you’re nuts, and asking you, ‘WHY?’ Just hang in there. That why very quickly turns into, ‘HOW?’…

This journey is yours and as such is going to look different to everybody else you come across. Whether you have 5kgs to lose or 105kgs to lose – these tips apply to you and can help you get started. Get your head in the game and your body will follow. So what’s stopping you? Only YOU stand in your way. You’ve got this ! 

Fitness Motivation Quote

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