With my sixth REBOOT ending very shortly (in a day to be exact!), I’m documenting my meals again, and with the REBOOT week 1 meal plan done, here’s the next instalment for you 🙂

I have to stress that this is not in any way an official plan that you HAVE to follow, nor can I guarantee that eating exactly what I did will lead to weight loss for you. There are many factors to take into consideration (medical conditions, starting weight, goals, activity levels etc) so please do use this as a guide, to get inspiration and ideas, and adapt it to suit you! Your best bet if you’re just getting started would be to go to the Sleekgeek website and check out the REBOOT page for all the information you need.

Now that that’s out the way, here it is! Also, if you’re keen to try, all of the recipes needed are on my blog too 😉

Click on the link below for the PDF which you can download and save for later use.

REBOOT Meals- WEEK 2 (PDF available for download)


Hope you find that useful! I will add the remaining weeks over the next few days too, so be sure to sign up to my blog for email updates, LIKE my Living Spot Facebook page or follow me on twitter @LivingSpotBlog – that way, you won’t miss a post!

Please note: If you’d like to share this post, or any others, please do link back to the original post on my blog when you do so! Thanks for reading! 



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