REBOOT… Again! Day 1/30 (V7D1)

So I’ve decided to do it again, and to blog daily (almost) as before to keep me on track. This REBOOT is called ‘Fit and Festive’ because it’s the final push toward looking and feeling fab by Christmas. I think by having that goal and a clear finish line in sight, it will help keep me focused and determined when it inevitably gets hairy along the way. 

I also want to get back to writing about my daily experiences because that’s where and how this blog started, and it’s how I kept myself accountable. It’s always comforting to know that you’re not the only one who sometimes faulters so maybe reading through my ramblings will shine a light on something that perhaps you were stuck with. 

I recently chatted to someone who wanted to know what my motivators are, what keeps me going, and how did I get into the mindset that finally pushed me to achieve some of my goals. It was tough to pinpoint exactly what those were because there is no secret recipe – and it’s certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ journey either. If you read through my Top 5 Tips for REBOOT Success you’ll note just how much of this is up to you. Informing yourself, preparing yourself, and doing it by yourself, for yourself. So even if I gave you a definitive set amount of points to follow, you’d still have to do the work yourself. See what the common thread is throughout? It’s YOU, and you alone. So if you want it, only you can get it 🙂 

So, back to Day 1/30! 

Let’s talk about foooooood! 

I started out with my usual egg coffee, and a little while later had 2 rashers of bacon, an apricot and 4 cherry tomatoes. Nothing fancy going on here this morning!

I was 1L of water down by 8am. And then about 20 trips to the loo but that comes with the territory when you’re staying hydrated, right!?

At around lunchtime, all I wanted was another egg coffee, so that’s what I had, along with some leftovers: braised lamb and roast veggies. I don’t usually have 2 coffees a day but I just went with it and enjoyed it with some cacao sprinkled on top. Coz it’s so good. No really, the chocolatey smell works a charm! 

Another 1L of water down. 

I must admit, I was not in the mood for anything this afternoon! Felt lethargic and bleugh. Decided to drink another 500ml of water and deal with it! So I forced myself into the kitchen to get dinner going. Perhaps, in hindsight, what I should  have done was gotten off my behind and worked out. Yeah, hindsight. Who needs that anyway!? But yeah, I should’ve just worked out…

Instead, I headed for the kitchen. I had a pack of pork mince and needed to make some snacks for my daughter’s lunchboxes – this is how the latest Feed the Fam recipe emerged. I made 2 meals out of that  pack and they’re great because of the hidden veggies in them 😉 So from one pack, I got pork mince meatballs as well as a pasta sauce.


I ate the mince sauce with salad, sugar snaps, and exotic tomatoes (I don’t know why they’re exotic – they’re just different colours). The meatballs are for tomorrow! 

I feel like I ate substantially today, am full, and maybe this laziness will dissipate and I’ll feel like working out tomorrow! No, how about… I will work out tomorrow 😉  

I’ve got no excuses because I have the tools right here with some of my Workout Ideas

I’m aiming for a good 8 hours of sleep and believe that V7D1 was a success 😉 

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