REBOOT: Days 2-3/30 (V7D2 and V7D3) 

Sticking with the plan even when all you want is cake. Or chocolate. Or… are you really hungry?

There are times when life throws you, no, dumps you in the middle of a shit storm and says, ‘Here you go, deal with it!’ and leaves you alone to fend for yourself (again). You know those moments. We all do. Your stress levels increase. You start feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of which way is up. Things start seeming hopeless and you think to the hell with it all, what’s the point anyway?! Whether justified or not, you feel like crap. Period. 
Yesterday, I had an epiphany. In the midst of it, I kept looking for something to eat. Water and coffee and green tea wasn’t quite doing it. Trying out the Sleek Geek Kitchen premixes meant that I had had enough to eat already so why was I still looking for food? I had to just sit alone in my room for a time-out because I needed a break. As I sat there, feeling very sorry for myself too I might add, it struck me that since I didn’t want to eat what I’d prepared, and I was craving something but didn’t know what that thing was, that in fact I was not hungry. This hunger had nothing to do with food. I was emotional and stressed and my body’s immediate response was EAT! 

It got me thinking about just how interwoven my emotions are to eating. How food can be a healer but also a hindrance. I fluctuate between not eating when upset to wanting to eat anything and everything in sight too. So as I sat there quietly, I realized that I could just walk out the room, back to the kitchen, make myself a cheese sandwich and pour myself some wine… I was free to do what I wanted after all! But then I also realized that since this had nothing to do with food, chances are I’d still be feeling miserable afterwards, and then probably even more so for screwing up my REBOOT. Ah, yes, guilt! Gotta love it! Well, whatever it was, it worked. I did not cave in to those feelings and as much as I wanted to give up, a voice inside me said that this is just for me. I needed to deal with the stressor, not create more. What I could not control was the problem itself, but what I could control was my reaction to it. I could curl up into a ball and disappear (which I did for a bit, admittedly!) or I could face it , deal with it, and realise that problems or not, I didn’t need to give up on myself. (All of this and it’s only just gone 5am on Day 4!)

What I do know is that by doing these things, I managed to not give in: 

  • Quiet time, even if just a couple of minutes, by yourself to clear your head;
  • Ask yourself: are you hungry? Really hungry? What else is going on emotionally that could be sending your body into ‘hunger’ mode;
  • By eating that cake, bread, chocolate or drinking alcohol, fizzy drinks etc , will that make the problem go away? Chances are that’s a no;
  • Will you feel worse for letting yourself down afterwards? 

Now, I’m not talking about those perfectly normal moments when you just feel like having a cheat meal and you go ahead and have it and enjoy it and move on. I’m talking about those moments in life when food and emotion is so intrinsically linked that you can’t tell the difference. That’s when you need to rethink and reassess the why and find the cause of the emotion, and not think the answer lies in a cupcake. 

I feel better today having not succumbed yesterday. Has the stressor gone away? Well, no, this is real life, not the movies! Still emotional? Yep. Am I still ‘hungry’ for no apparent reason? Nope. And right there – right now – is one of those small, quiet victories that let you in on just how capable you are when you put your mind to it. It’s a journey of ups and downs, and I’m forever learning. Nothing is guaranteed, I could cave today for all I know, but at least I can stop myself and think about it first now. 

Ok, all that aside, back to Days 2 and 3.

I’m not going to post too much about food because I’d not really taken pics on day 3. 

Breakfast, Day 2 

Berry-burst muffins   
Lunch, Day 2

Apple, mint, celery, cucumber, hemp, lemon. 

  Dinner, Day 2

Baked fish, mash potato, cashew white sauce, green beans and tomatoes


Day 3

Egg coffee X 2 (morning and afternoon)
I also tested out some SG Kitchen premixes at around lunchtime and will write a post reviewing them soon. So be sure to look out for that! 

Dinner was a tin of sardines, a slice of SG Kitchen coconut flour bread, tomatoes and sugar snap peas. Here’s a bit of a teaser for you 😉 

So there you have it. An emotional couple of days but also a positive step in the right direction as I go along this journey. I’m certain that I’m not the only one who feels like giving up sometimes, why not let me know by commenting below or on the Living Spot facebook page, and any tips you have that have helped you. Who knows? You may just inspire someone else and help them along their way. 

Have a glorious day and I’ll be checking in again in due course with more V7 REBOOT updates. Stay tuned! 

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5 thoughts on “REBOOT: Days 2-3/30 (V7D2 and V7D3) 

  1. Hi Melissa, I’ve been struggling lately! Eating everything in sight and then feel guilty afterwards. I simply crave everything other than healthy foods. I couldn’t understand where is this coming from, until now.
    Thank you for this post, I so needed to hear this!
    Love you stax :-*

    Liked by 1 person

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