Sleek Geek Kitchen Premixes: Reviews 

Taking a look at the Sleekgeek Kitchen premixes that have just hit the market and can be purchased now from the Sleekgeek online shop. With prices ranging from just R40-R50, go stock up! 

There are different varieties from cereal to wraps to cakes to breads. You can make them as is or get creative and use them as part of your other recipes (I snuck some Savoury bread mix into my paleo quiche crust and it was great!). You do not need any special gadgetry or expensive ingredients – just some eggs and water and some of your own additions like sweetener and flavours should you wish. 

Here’s a look at 3 of the premixes that I recently got to try out. 

Premix: Savoury Mug Bread 

With just an egg, water, and bit of lemon juice to add to this premix, it is quick, easy, mess-free (I only needed one fork and a mug!) and super convenient for when you want a quick bread/savoury muffin. 

Sleekgeek Kitchen Premix: Savoury Mug Bread

The result? This is just pure convenience and I will be using this for sure!

It’s so simple to follow the few instructions. I’ve tried mug breads before and I’ve played around with my recipe a lot before I found the right balance of ingredients. This takes the hassle out of the process and makes for a fool-proof, go to way of getting it right the first time.

If you wanted a smoother and more refined finish, you could easily grind the premix in a blender/coffee grinder to get the coconut ground down but this is an unecessary step if you’re after the convenience factor. 

It’s soft and feels like bread (which, I guess, it is ;-)). Taste wise, it’s  balanced – not too coconutty, nor too eggy. Would be great in lunchboxes. 

Premix: Vanilla Mug Cake

This is a plain base to which you can add whatever sweetener or flavours you choose (I used a dusting of raw cacao on top). I made this without any sweetener and really didn’t notice because it was just fine without it. You only need an egg and some water and then the premix. As simple as that really! 

Again, the convenience factor and ease with which you can get a ‘cake’ is going to make life a helluva lot easier for many. You don’t have to think about measuring cups and dealing with various ingredients that don’t always work! 

Sleekgeek Kitchen Premix: Vanilla Mug Cake

The cake is soft, and this one does taste like coconut but it is a ‘cake’ so that’s not a problem! I’d probably add some vanilla (either powder or extract) to make it taste more vanilla but that’s just me. As is, it’s pretty good. Throw on some fresh fruit and a dollop of whipped coconut cream and you’re good to go!

Premix: Coconut Flour Bread

This is the easiest bread I have ever made. Ever. It’s kinda hard to believe how simple this was. The rise is perfect, you get a crust and the bread itself is soft. Now, you are never going to get a substitute bread that tastes like the normal store bought breads we’ve become accustomed to. This however is a great way to curb those cravings by having a slice or two as a sandwich or toasted with breakfast, or however you choose. With this one, again, if you wanted a finer texture of the coconut, you can grind the premix in a coffee grinder or blender for a smoother finish – totally unecessary but an added step if you wanted it more refined.

Sleekgeek Kitchen Premix: Coconut Flour Bread

Since you cannot possibly eat the entire loaf at once (no, really! Don’t do it!!), slice and freeze for later use. 

Overall look at these premixes 


  • Convenience – very simple, quick and easy to do. No fancy equipment or ingredients necessary!
  • Taste – it’s all good! 
  • Texture – soft, holds together well. 
  • Price – yep, this makes it all the better! Really well priced at a range between R40 – R50 for these, and you save a bundle by not having to buy numerous other ingredients.


  • You may want to eat it. A LOT! You have to remember that it’s still pseudo-junk so should be consumed in moderation. 

Overall rating: 8/10 (and you know, it’s a very scientifically determined result!!) 

So again, head on over to the Sleekgeek online store – hurry though, I have a feeling they’ll be selling fast! 😉 

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2 thoughts on “Sleek Geek Kitchen Premixes: Reviews 

  1. Hi Melissa
    Your blog is now officially my 1st stop reference, even if I don’t leave a comment.
    Well,my premixes just arrived,I’m super excited but one problem my oven isn’t working for now can I make bread in a microwave?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Miso,
      Thanks! That’s awesome to hear 😉
      Oooh, wait till I post my latest recipe … Using a premix in a creative way 😉
      Hmmm, I don’t see why you couldn’t use a microwave. Why not try with a small amount first though to avoid waste if it flops?


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