Paleo Almond-Cacao Sundae [Dairy free]

Guilt-free indulgence that not only looks AMAZING but tastes an absolute treat too. Paleo friendly, dairy free and a must try treat for the kids (and you!)

It’s been a while since I found myself craving something utterly decadent. Today, after making some almond milk, I decided to indulge a bit and with some leftover chia-mac ice cream needing to be used up, a sundae seemed just the thing. 

Paleo almond-cacao sundae

There was a bag of raw cacao paste in my cupboard that I had no idea what to do with – it was purchased on a whim and as with most of what I do, I thought I’d figure it out as I go along! So, with cacao on hand, and homemade almond milk ready to be used, plus some homemade Paleo ice cream, I pretty much had all the ingredients I needed to make something super yummy. I also had some prepped date paste in the fridge from a few days ago so it seemed that I was good to go. 

This is absolutely a treat and as such wouldn’t be something to indulge in everyday! 

Recipe for Paleo Almond-Cacao Sundae

Yield: one large sundae 

Prep time: 5 minutes (plus time to freeze banana slices) 

What you need

For the shake 

1 cup almond milk (my recipe can be found here)

1 frozen banana, sliced 

1 tspn raw cacao powder 

2 tspns date paste/raw honey 


2 scoops chia-mac ice cream

1 tblspn almond nut butter 

For the choc sauce

2 tspns coconut oil, melted 

1 tspn raw cacao powder 


Drizzle choc sauce (recipe as above) 

Raw cacao paste shavings 

Fresh cherry

What you need to do

1. To make the shake, blend all the shake ingredients together (except ice cream).

2. Mix the ingredients for the choc sauce. Drizzle about a teaspoon or so into the empty sundae glass. Save some for the topping. 

3. Pour shake into sundae glass. Top with ice cream scoops (if using), cacao shavings, choc sauce, and fresh cherry. Done!  

Super simple, super indulgent, and deliciously decadent. You won’t regret this – not one little bit! Enjoy 😉

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