Setting SMART goals 

Having a goal is a great thing. It gives you focus and pushes you through the lows. So why do we sometimes give up so easily then?

Before we get started, quick note: There isn’t a recipe in this post. Well, not for food anyway! I know people want the recipes and tend to unfollow when I write about other stuff and that’s ok 😉 But I really think that as a part of a healthy and balanced life, it has to be about more than just the food we eat so here’s something I have found really useful along the way. It took a while to get the hang of SMART goals, but it has made a world of difference to the way I do things and I wanted to share this with you.

What’s a typical goal when it comes to health and wellness? Probably along the lines of : 

I want to lose weight. 

I want to get fit. 

I want to exercise more. 

Great! Those are some goals … however, they aren’t very specific or very focused. They are easily derailed along the way and can lead to demotivation. Why? Well, let’s say you want to lose weight. You start a new ‘diet’ and prep and do all the things you feel you need to lose weight. And then a few days/weeks pass and you decide to step on the scale. It’s awesome – you’ve lost 500g. So – you’ve lost weight! But you’re disappointed because it isn’t enough. It’s not what you wanted… You see all the awesome transformations and you think you just can’t do it. It’s too hard. So you feel deflated and give up. Why? You achieved your goal – you lost weight… so what went wrong..? 

Your goal was not specific. You did not set a date by which to achieve a specific weight/size that you wanted to reach. This is where many of us fall. Although I must add that saying you want to lose 30kg within 2 months is not a realistic goal either so let’s look a bit closer at how we can set ourselves some SMART goals. 

So what are SMART goals? Here’s how I look at it from a healthy eating/lifestyle perspective: 

S – specific 

M – measurable 

A – achievable 

R – realistic 

T – time-bound

I’ll explain by way of example. I have a goal that I am working toward – 

I want to incorporate workouts, 4 days a week, of both strength and cardio; by 1 May 2017.

You can see that it is pretty focused – you know immediately what my exact goal is, it is realistic and achievable,  and there is a clear date by which I want to accomplish this. This is not looking at the excess information such as ‘for health reasons’ or ‘to get into a bikini’ etc. It is just the bare bones of a goal that I want to achieve. The WHY can lead us down a whole other road altogether so for the purposes of this post, we’re focused on setting the goal itself. 

You can use SMART goals for any area of your life. Having something real and tangible to work toward makes it that much easier to stick to, to follow through on, and to achieve! So take some time for myself, to sit down and really think about what it is you want to achieve, and then write that down, set a date, and start working toward it. 💕

Much love! 


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4 thoughts on “Setting SMART goals 

  1. Thank You.
    What you have written is true about me. I had a goal to loose 40kg and so far I lost 20kg but I have been stuck on 76kg for a while due to unrealistic goals and not being clear about it. So Thank You again this now makes a lot of sense.


  2. Thank you Melissa. I’m so going to use the SMART goals idea. I never set goals or prep and I’ve realised not doing two makes me lose hope and get discouraged. Thank you very much. I just need to attend your workshops, please do one in Johannesburg.


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