What now? Living my FREE FROM life, post-REBOOT 

Many people ask about what happens after REBOOT. Here’s my story, may it inspire you to shift gears and stay strong along this journey of health!

I decided to post this today because when we start out on REBOOT, or any new healthy eating plan,  it’s mainly for weightloss (about 99% of the time). However, what happens after you lose the weight? If you’re after a quick fix weightloss programme, you will lose weight, but what about health and maintenance ? What about the ‘after’ ? 

I started my very first REBOOT in 2014. I’ve completed 9 in total, between 2014-2017. I’ve maintained my weight since early 2016 (around the 62-65kg mark without fail, but the scale isn’t a concern to me). Would I have been able to do this had my mindset not changed from ‘this diet is going to help me lose weight’ to ‘I am making healthy choices for my body and mind’ ? Probably not. I’d have fallen back into old habits. I’d have reached for the junk again and would’ve lost all the benefits gained. Do I never slip up? NO! Do I eat REBOOT foods all day everyday when not REBOOTing? NO! 

I now live a ‘FREE FROM’ lifestyle – it’s my own term that just made sense to me – Free from restriction, free from overthinking, free from guilt. Mostly Paleo, but just FREE FROM all the dogma and prescribed ‘rules and regulations’. 

It’s liberating – especially for someone like me with a history of anorexia-bulimia and then being overweight. To finally be in a place of real freedom with food, and myself. It’s all about choices – and I just choose to feel good every single day, regardless of what’s trying to bring me down. Nothing and no one has control over what I eat except me – it’s as simple as that. If I eat chocolate, it’s because I chose to, not because a situation or person made me. If I overindulge for a few days and feel crappy, again, it’s because I chose to eat and drink whatever I did, not because it was all there was and I had to… all my choices, all the time. 

So what’s my message to you today? If you’re just starting out and all you can think is ‘weightloss weightloss weightloss’, that’s ok 😉 The gear shift can take a minute. But if you find yourself on a rollercoaster and can’t seem to stabilize the ‘on and off the wagon’ syndrome, then you need to relook at what your thoughts are around your choices. Keep a food journal – nothing too detailed (because that can lead to the excuse of ‘I don’t have time for this’), just keep it simple. Jot down what you ate, alongside the emotion you were feeling at the time.

Here’s an example of a food/emotion journal – same fictional person, 2 scenarios. 
Example 1: 

6:30am: up. Rushing to get dressed, and get kids off to school. 

8am: crazy traffic, late for meeting. Skipped brekkie. 

9:10am: meeting (late!). Pastries and coffee on offer. Had 2 pastries and coffee (with milk and sugar). Felt annoyed and frustrated after being late. 

12:30 Lunch – grabbed a sandwich and water. 

4pm: crashing. Day dragging. Irritable. Coffee with 2 sugars and milk. Leftover pastries from meeting in staff kitchen – grabbed one. 

7pm: finally home. Tired. Takeout – pizza & wine. 

Example 2: 

6:30am: Up. Rushing to get dressed and kids off to school. Luckily, brekkie & lunches are prepped. Green smoothie and 2 boiled eggs. 

8am: traffic is insane … 
9:10: late for meeting but made it. Pastries and coffee on offer but full from eggs and smoothie. Black coffee. 

12:30: lunch – packed. Last night’s roast chicken and salad. Apple to snack. Sparkling water. 

4pm: Handful of nuts. Rooibos tea. 

7pm: finally home. Tired. Thank goodness for prepped food – cauli rice and chilli con carne ready to heat.

See the difference? All down to choices – and priorities. By prioritizing meal prep, our fictional character was able to ride the waves crashing around without caving in and reaching for the ‘comfort foods’ on offer. The same stressors occurred – late, rushing, kids, traffic etc but having made the choice to prep, to be ready with good food choices, the outcomes and reactions were very different. So which camp do you fall into at present? Are you ready to take on the challenges (well, as best you can) or do those challenges hit you and knock you down? Now, I’m not so naive as to think prepping food will make your life plain sailing – I’ve been thrown enough curveballs to know this. What I am saying is that you have a choice – always. 

So here’s to making the best choices that we can for ourselves, given what we’ve got, and moving away from the ‘diets’ to making proper lifestyle changes that we will sustain and maintain. 

Much love ❤


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