Healthier Homemade Enchiladas – no kits! [Family friendly meals]

This is a kid friendly recipe to keep the whole family happy. With a few changes, these enchiladas can be paleo and are so good you’ll want more!

Wowzer. I can’t even describe how delicious these enchiladas are! The entire dish was GONE, with squeaky clean plates all around the table. Being kid friendly, I left out the usual paprika and chilli but added some sliced, fresh jalapeños for the grown ups 😉 

They’re made from scratch (apart from the fresh tortillas, which are store bought). For a Paleo/low carb version, swap the tortillas for cauli wraps or coconut flour wraps (you can make your own or buy them to keep it simple). 

Although it takes a few steps to prep everything before building it all up, you just need one pan to cook the mince (or meat of your choosing) and the tomato sauce, then a baking dish to put it all together in and into the oven it goes. If your pan is oven safe, you absolutely could do it all in just one pan 🙌

This is a quick recipe, and I promise, it’ll have you licking your fingers, plates, all of it!! Just thinking about it now and I’m drooling 😄 

Recipe for Homemade Healthy Enchiladas

Yield: 4- 6 servings 

Prep time: 15 minutes 

Cooking time: 15-20 minutes 

What you need 

For the meat 

500g beef mince (or meat of your choosing) 

1 tsp crushed garlic

1 tsp mustard powder 

1/2 tsp dried celery 

Salt and pepper to taste 

For the tomato sauce 

1/2 onion, chopped finely 

1 can tomatoes (or 4 fresh, chopped) 

1 packet tomato paste 

1 tsp dried origanum 

Salt and pepper to taste 

1/4 – 1/2 cup water 

Additional ingredients: 

  • 6 tortillas (or cauli/coconut wraps for Paleo and Low Carb versions) 
  • 1.5 cups grate cheese 
  • Sour cream or double thick yoghurt 
  • Fresh coriander 
  • 1/4 sliced red onion 
  • Fresh jalapeños, sliced 
  • 1/2 an avocado, sliced 

What you need to do 

1. Preheat oven to 200°C. Fry the mince in a little oil over high heat. Add the ingredients for the meat and allow to cook until browned, for about 10 minutes. If there is excess liquid, allow that to evaporate entirely before proceeding. 

2. Remove the meat from the pan, place the pan back on the heat and add a little oil. Add the onions and fry until transclucent. Add the rest of the sauce ingredients and allow to cook for 5 minutes. (The sauce will be cooked in the oven so it doesn’t have to be completely cooked on the stove 😉). 

3. In an oven safe dish, grease with a bit of olive oil, and add a quarter of the tomato sauce to the bottom of the dish. 

4. Now for the tortillas – lay one flat, and add 2-3 tbsp meat to the middle and then roll up. Place the filled tortilla into the baking dish. Repeat for all the tortillas. 

5. Cover the filled tortillas with the remainder of the tomato sauce, and  sprinkle the grated cheese over. Bake until the cheese melts and browns slightly. 

6. Remove from oven, allow to cool slightly, and garnish with the rest of the fresh ingredients when ready to serve! Done 🙌

Don’t let all the steps throw you off – it really is quick and simple and a ‘no mess, no fuss’ kinda meal! It’s so good. You need to try it. For real though. ✌️💕

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2 thoughts on “Healthier Homemade Enchiladas – no kits! [Family friendly meals]

    • Hi there – I’m afraid I’m the worst with veggie dishes! Everything has eggs or some form of protein in it! I do have a recipe for an aubergine and pepper bake that you could check out (look under Recipes) but in terms of egg free ideas … I would be stumped! Sorry !! Hope your fast goes well!


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