Paleo meals on a budget: Getting the family to eat clean, healthy meals for less

Most of us could really use a little extra cash (ok, sometimes maybe a LOT extra!), and sometimes it’s our food choices that take a beating when the budget is low. However, we can eat perfectly nutritious meals that are not going to require any piggy bank trauma! Of course there will be certain things that cost extra when buying (I like buying in bulk as it works out cheaper per meal that way – for the most part) but when you break down the costs per meal, you’ll see that you’re within budget and can actually do it. Shopping around, looking for specials and stocking up when you can will also be a great help.

Planning ahead is also a huge money saver (and time too). Get started with some Weekly Meal Prep, you’ll find a shopping list on there too (this is a very generalized list, you do not need everything on there! It’s there to give you ideas). Then only buy what you really need – and if something is on special, but extra and stock up (like tinned tuna for example, which I’ve got a great stock pile of from recent sales at Pick n Pay and Woolworths!).

Following the basic portion control set out by Precision Nutrition for both men and women, this is how I work out how much to cook/serve. There’s always left overs for anyone who wants more though (I’m not good at cooking just enough for one meal… It never works!!).


Precision Nutrition: Portion Control Guide

This is where you’ll find the links to the recipes within the ‘FEED THE FAM FOR R50!’ series. They are cooked for a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children) and I will stick within the R50 budget (or as close to it as I can) but without compromising on flavour!! Condiments, spices, oils, and herbs are not included in the cost as these are sundries that we tend to have in our cupboards and use such small amounts of when cooking. I’m only considering the main ingredients that make up the meal.

I will update this page whenever I make one of these paleo budget-friendly meals (and will also upload links to existing recipes on the blog that meet the criteria).

Happy cooking!

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Recipe links for Paleo Budget Friendly Family Meals

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Please note: if you’d like to use and share my recipes, please link back to the original post on my blog. Thanks!