Sleek Geek: REBOOT Meal Plans, Prep Guide, and more

Follow my journey which helped me shed 20kgs and gain myself back!


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These are links to the posts I wrote almost daily throughout my fourth and fifth REBOOTs. I include what I ate, as well as how I felt amongst other ramblings. This is purely a documentation of what I did, how I made REBOOT work for me by adhering to the guidelines and becoming inventive as I went along to keep it interesting. You may find it useful – even if it’s just food ideas, or perhaps that as you go through some of the ups and downs that you realise you are not alone.


If you’re keen to get started with REBOOT, have a look at these Sleek Geek REBOOT Tools and Resources… The article also links to Living Spot and my posts on my meal plans and How to Meal Prep. So that’s kinda awesome too 😉 Don’t forget to read my 5 TOP TIPS FOR REBOOT SUCCESS to get you started!

Here are the links to my various meal plans – remember, since there is only one REBOOT, the ‘versions’ just refer to how many I have done 🙂


There are no differences in ‘versions’ – this is just for reference purposes to show which Reboot you are on. So V1D5 means it’s the person’s first reboot, and they are on day 5 out of 30.

I am currently working on documenting the rest of my V1 plans.

Here are others that I’ve done:

My fifth REBOOT was also combined with some intermittent fasting:

My fourth REBOOT was the start of this blog, and my first after having fallen off the wagon for a few months:


VERSION 4 (my fourth REBOOT)


VERSION 7 (My 7th REBOOT) (in progress!)

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